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CS5 / WR Bichromate Based Emulsion

Owing to our capacity of meeting the exact requirements of the clients, we are supplying quality CS5 / WR Bichromate Based Emulsion. We are working in close coordination with the management and team members; they follow strict warehousing norms. We are able to keep the whole batch away from diverse damaging factors including sunlight, dust, moisture and rain.



  • CS-5 WFl:Biohromate based Emulsion
  • Shebro - India
  • For Water based &PlastisoI inks


Direct emulsion with diazo sensitizer for water base, plastisol and some solvent ink for fine line/resolution. Shoots fast with high resolution, extremely durable, yet easily reclaimable.

Suitable for Textile and Ceramics.

  • Pre Sensitized Shelf Life : 1 Year
  • Colour : Green/Blue/RedNiolet
  • Packing : 900gms/4.5kgs/25kgs
  • Solid Content : 38%
  • StdPacking : 25 units (for 900gms)
  • StdPacking : 4 units (for 4.5kgs)
  • StdPacking : 1 units (for 25kgs)